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UPDATED March 15, 2021 Big Things are happening at Casey Burns Flutes this spring and summer (2021). The development of Glass Flutes inspired by the work of Claude Laurent is underway and the first prototypes should be finished in June. I've decided to forgo historical accuracy for now while I get my glass working and other techniques required down. The main thing is that I will have beautiful Glass Flutes in clear crystal as well as Cobalt Blue and eventually other colors and translucencies using the wide assortment of Bullseye Glass and the glass of other manufacturers. I will be learning how to cast glass once my kiln arrives in April but for now I am outsourcing the casting as did Laurent with his glass work. I am sending the waxes for the first batch in about a week.

I am still taking orders for my Alto and Standard D flutes. Everything currently in my queue will be finished by June. New orders will ship in 2022 and possibly sooner, as I want to focus the second half of the year entirely on these glass flutes. I will also be raising my prices to $1200 for a flute with rings and slides in Blackwood or Boxwood only (Mopane is no longer available) and $800 without. This is currently in effect even though I haven't updated my pricing page (I am trying to but for some reason the system isn't allowing these changes to go through!). Shipping has become difficult and unreliable using standard Priority Mail. I am testing Priority Mail Express to keep these flutes from spending weeks in the mail stream.

The Folk Flutes are no longer being produced and will not be available directly from me. After some 100-150 Folk Flutes yearly for the last 17 years I am ready to be done producing that model. This year I was to have an apprentice who would take over that production but the Pandemic intervened. There are enough of these flutes in the world already and some are still available through Lark in the Morning, Dusty Strings and the Irish Flute Store. You can frequently find these used. Occasionally I will be supplying these stores with small batches of these flutes done in translucent resin using stereolithography and my Ergonomic Small Hand model only. Currently the holdup is getting a new Elegoo Saturn 3D printer and modifying this to produce these.

The new G flutes will have a steeper and wider bore which will increase volume and feature some deviations from a straight taper in the bore in order to bring tone holes closer together and keep them scaled apart acoustically. For now I am keeping my current Bb and A flute designs as they are.

For now I will keep the Irish Flute Combo page intact including Retrofits. In general, look for price increases soon. Key retrofits are also accepted for my flutes with the exception of Folk Flutes.

My flutes occasionally need servicing, especially if these have experienced trauma such as being sat upon or driven over (yes this happens!). I will be accepting repairs for these on a case by case basis but usually these wait around for months before I get to them. Thus please seek out an instrument repair person in your area instead.

People frequently ask me how they should take care of their flute, especially the Folk Flute. Please read the care instructions provided with your flute. I have posted care instructions for the Folk Flutes here: The care instructions for my more expensive flutes are basically the same.

If you have questions - please think about it for a few days and put them all into one email for me to answer, rather than sending me several emails to answer questions singularly. This will help!

[photo of a 5-key european boxwood Irish flute with tuning slide and silver rings]

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Primary Links

Casey Burns D Flute Models: These are the "flutes du jour" - my standard flute models with three fingerhole spacing options and a Rudall-based flute option. These flutes can come with tuning slides and bands, as well as keywork. For more information click here.

The New 2015 Irish Flute Combo: My D flutes with tuning slides can also come with a package that allows one to play in several other keys besides D and G. Also available as a retrofit package for existing D Casey Burns Flute models with tuning slides. For more information click here.

Low Flutes: I make lower pitched flutes in the keys A, Bb, B and C. For more information, click here.

[photo of my 4 way combo low flute in blackwood with rings and slide]


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