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Changes are happening at Casey Burns Flutes this fall, winter and spring (2020-2021). I will no longer be taking orders for Folk Flutes. This is in part to catch up to my queue but also to make room for an exciting new pursuit in the flute making world. I've decided that I will continue accepting orders for my other flutes ($700 and up) for now.

The most exciting change is that I am about to start producing flutes based on and inspired by the historic and wonderful Claude Laurent Glass Flutes that were built in the first half of the 19th century. I am already taking names for a waiting list for models in clear, optical resins as well as lead-free 104 Crystal Glass. This process of going from research to actual development of new techniques has been rapid for me and delightfully overwhelming - and enjoyable! Soon I will be launching a new website ( featuring a blog documenting my R&D in detail. I hope to be shipping these by late winter.

Meanwile other flute making tasks have been left behind. After some 100-150 Folk Flutes yearly for the last 17 years I am ready to be done producing that model. There are enough of these flutes in the world already and some are still available through Lark in the Morning, Dusty Strings and the Irish Flute Store. Occasionally these might unexpectedly reappear there. My new focus will be on the Laurent-inspired instruments.

(From my old website text....) Casey Burns Flutes are professional performance instruments for Irish and other traditional music, based upon the acoustical models of 19th century makers such as Rudall & Rose, Boosey (Pratten), and Prowse. Each instrument is meticulously crafted from carefully selected, air-dried tonewoods. Keywork and bands are made from Sterling silver.

Casey's flutes are an intelligent balance of tradition and innovation, comprising careful improvements of the traditional acoustical models, and a deceptively modern aesthetic that preserves the best features of their historical forbearers. The experience of over thirty two years and thousands of instruments has resulted in an instrument gratifying for beginner and professional alike. We invite you to learn more about these remarkable flutes, and look forward to discussing with you the appropriate instrument for your needs.

[photo of a 5-key european boxwood Irish flute with tuning slide and silver rings]

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Primary Links

The Folk Flute: This is my most popular flute, with more than 1200 of these out in the world. Available in European Boxwood, Mopane and Blackwood and costs $450. For more information please visit

Casey Burns D Flute Models: These are the "flutes du jour" - my standard flute models with three fingerhole spacing options and a Rudall-based flute option. These flutes can come with tuning slides and bands, as well as keywork. For more information click here.

The New 2015 Irish Flute Combo: My D flutes with tuning slides can also come with a package that allows one to play in several other keys besides D and G. Also available as a retrofit package for existing D Casey Burns Flute models with tuning slides. For more information click here.

Low Flutes: I make lower pitched flutes in the keys A, Bb, B and C. For more information, click here.

[photo of my 4 way combo low flute in blackwood with rings and slide]


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