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BIG CHANGES!!! These are:

I am only accepting orders for my Keyless Flutes with Sterling Silver Bands and Slides in the 3 size ranges (small handed, standard and large-holed standard). I have raised the price of these to $1400. Waiting time can be up to a year+/-. A 25% deposit will be required. I make these in three or more varieties of wood, depending upon what wood I have ready.

I am accepting orders for my Blackwood Folk Flutes for a few weeks more. After June 15, these will then no longer be available. A 3D printed resin model is in develoopment. Check out my Folk Flutes page for more detail.

My current queue of waiting customers has been very wonderful and forgiving by patiently allowing me to work at my pace. Thank you!!!

NOTE - if you are doing comparison shopping and asking several makers about what is available, or how soon you can get a flute, PLEASE take your business elsewhere. Only contact me if you have already chosen me as your flute maker! Also I am really the only one who is making a great flute for small hands. The other flute makers still don't quite grasp this concept fully.

Also, while I take orders, I NEVER have any flutes in stock ready to purchase. I do not have a storefront with flutes for you to try. With COVID still active, I am not hosting any visitors, except on a very rare basis. I only cut one embouchure style on my head joints.

KEYED FLUTE ORDERS: At this point in time I am no longer taking keyed flute orders, except on a very rare case by case basis.

COMBO FLUTES, LOW FLUTES: At this point in time I am no longer taking orders for these except on a very rare case by case basis.

WEBSITE: For now I am leaving up the old pages of my website as an archive. I will probably make significant changes to my websites eventually. However, keeping my website updated will occasionally fall to the wayside as well.

[photo of a 5-key european boxwood Irish flute with tuning slide and silver rings]

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Primary Links

Casey Burns D Flute Models: These are the "flutes du jour" - my standard flute models with three fingerhole spacing options. These flutes can come with tuning slides and bands, as well as keywork. For more information click here.

The Irish Flute Combo: My D flutes with tuning slides can also come with a package that allows one to play in several other keys besides D and G. Also available as a retrofit package for existing D Casey Burns Flute models with tuning slides. For more information click here.

Low Flutes: I have made lower pitched flutes in the keys A, Bb, B and C. Unfortunately these are now too difficult to play for my hands and I am not accepting orders for these low flutes. For more information, click here.

[photo of my 4 way combo low flute in blackwood with rings and slide]


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