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I am no longer taking orders for flutes except on a case by case basis

I am still making flute and will be long into the future! Currently I am finishing last last dozen or so flutes in my queue and expect to have most of these finished by the middle of August. In the fall and winter I will be making flutes and posting these for sale on my new Traditionalflutes website as these are finished.

If there is something you want or need, I can certainly add you to my waiting list. However, I will not take any deposits nor make any predictions as to when your flute would be finished. If and when I have the chance and am ready to make your flute, I will then contact you.

One of my big tasks in this next year is to produce Glass Flutes based on the ones by Claude Laurent. These will include historical copies as well as well as new directions using the wide variety of colorful glass available. I will be producing these in bith glass and 3D printed resin.

I have culled other activities. Except for flutes still under warranty, I will consider anty kind of repair work on a case by case basis. I will still consider key retrofits. If you have questions about care and oiling, please read the care instructions sent with you flute! These are also posted at The care instructions for my more expensive flutes are basically the same.

For now I am leaving up the old pages of my website as an archive. I will probably make significant changes to my websites as inventory is added and especially when these glass flutes are underway this winter and next spring. (June 21, 2021)

[photo of a 5-key european boxwood Irish flute with tuning slide and silver rings]

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Primary Links

Casey Burns D Flute Models: These are the "flutes du jour" - my standard flute models with three fingerhole spacing options and a Rudall-based flute option. These flutes can come with tuning slides and bands, as well as keywork. For more information click here.

The New 2015 Irish Flute Combo: My D flutes with tuning slides can also come with a package that allows one to play in several other keys besides D and G. Also available as a retrofit package for existing D Casey Burns Flute models with tuning slides. For more information click here.

Low Flutes: I make lower pitched flutes in the keys A, Bb, B and C. For more information, click here.

[photo of my 4 way combo low flute in blackwood with rings and slide]


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