Traditional Flutes by Casey Burns and Other Instruments
[Casey Burns 3D Printed Flute Parts]

Welcome to my new webpage for selling individual flutes and other instruments.

Instead of taking deposits and having a queue, I will eventually be making flutes and other instruments that I like to make and sell them individually here. I will include some of my more popular models, including the occasional Folk Flute for Small Hands. I will also occasionally have used instruments, prototypes, as well as antique flutes and other instruments that I have collected for research. I may even get around to making and offering various bagpipes. There is no wait time for the instruments listed here - the instruments listed are in stock and ready to sell, first come first served.

Currently I am working to get the remaining flutes in my queue out the door. I will most likely start having flutes for sale here in 2022. I will update this page when inventory is added.

Dusty Strings in Seattle currently has some of my flutes in stock. Contact them to find what is available. Occasionally my flutes appear on eBay and elsewhere. Contact me if you want something and I can put you on a waiting list, if it is something that I am likely to make in the future such as a small handed Folk Flute

If you have questions such as "When will you have Folk Flutes for Sale?" please do NOT ask! The answer is that I currently do not know and don't want to make any promises and I have no desire or time to answer such inquires. (updated June 21, 2021)


[photo of my 4 way combo low flute in blackwood with rings and slide]


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April 24, 2021

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