Low Pitched Flutes in Bb and A

Among the most evocative and haunting sounds heard from the flute family are those of the low-pitched wooden flutes. With their unmatched resonance and presence, these flutes are the choice of many for a "second flute." Performers on Casey's low flutes include Matt Molloy, Garry Shannon, Grey Larsen and John Skelton.

[ Low Bb  Irish Flute in Mopane with Sterling Silver Rings]

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Casey Burns offers improved low Bb and A flutes, based upon excellent Rudall examples and his own working with these designs. He has applied his voicing and ergonomic refinements to these, resulting in an instrument which speaks as well or better than the historical instruments. The lowest notes are strong, reedy, and "ready" speaking rapidly with little more effort than that required for a D flute. While any low flute will be a challenge for the player with small hands, the conservative ergonomic adjustments lead to an instrument which is much more comfortable than the historical antecedent.

I usually make these in Blackwood. Boxwood is sometimes used if I can find pieces suitable for the long upper middle joints. The price for the all wooden version of this flute in Bb or A is USD 1000. Tuning slides featuring brass inner and outer slides are available, along with silver bands for USD 400 additional. Low flutes may also be fitted with keys at USD 450 per key in the customary 4, 5 or 6 keyed arrangements. Shipping will be calculated at time of order.

Low Flute Combo Packages

[Photo of Casey Burns Low Bb Ergonomic Rudall in Mopane with African Blackwood Session Head]

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For maximum versatility, Casey offers a "Combo" low flute package in the pitches Bb and A in blackwood only: a single head joint and foot joint that share separate Bb and A bodies. Shipping will be calculated at time of order. Price: USD 1450, with rings and slide USD 1850.

4 Way Combo low flutes: My low flutes are available as a combo in these pitches: A, Bb, B and C. Each additional pitch costs 1/2 the cost of a standalone, with the exception of the B which uses the Bb lower middle joint. The C body uses its own foot joint. Illustrated below is one of my 4 way combos in blackwood with silver bands and tuning slide, with bodies arranged below the headjoint from the top-down: A, Bb, B and C. The price for this combo is $2700 with rings and slides, $2125 without.

[photo of my 4 way combo low flute in blackwood with rings and slide]

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