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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING ORDERING AND WAITING LISTS (updated July 3, 2022): I am revising how I accept orders, deal with waiting lists etc. My current system of waiting lists, and 25% deposits for the orders I accept doesn't work for me. The Folk Flute ordering remains the same - though the wait for these now extends into October since I need some summer time off!

The new system will work this way. If you wish to place an order, you are put on my waiting list first and added to my pending (instruments not yet started) queue and it this will cost you a $100 flat fee. This covers my time answering questions coming via email, sometimes by the dozen to several dozen from a single client! There will be various terms, such as what happens when you decide to cancel, or stop responding to my attempt to reach you, etc.

This fee is in addition to the cost of my flutes (this fee is not necessary for Folk Flutes as these are entirely prepaid). It is NOT a deposit. When I am ready to proceed on your instrument, you will then send a deposit so I can purchase materials, etc. For now, I am keeping my prices steady - the fee will cover my inflationary loss!

This week I will be revising my Ordering page for all of my flutes. A Buy-it-Now button will be used for the $100 Fee. The flutes that I am accepting orders for are listed. These will include all of my Standard and Small Handed models with Rings and Slides only (nobody orders the $700 version that can be retrofitted). Keys up to 6 keys can also be added to your order, in the configurations that I recommend. My low flutes are currently on hold as I redesign these. I will be offering higher pitched flutes in F and G called requintas which are used in Galician music.

Thus watch for this to appear in the next few days.

Please contact me first to discuss your order.

I am now only accepting orders on a case by case basis. I am currently finishing all of the flutes in my queue. Once these are delivered, I will be spending most of the summer working on new ideas. I will also eventually make up a small and frequently changing inventory of flutes that I will list for sale individually. One will be able to purchase these with no wait time. This might include copies of my popular Small-handed Folk Flutes. Thus contact me at and I will either consider your order or put you on a waiting list to be notified when I have flutes in stock.

Cost for the basic flute with tuning slide and bands is $1200. I am offering my $700, now priced at $800 model on a case-by-case basis. Keys up to 6 keys may be added at $450 per key.

All sales are final. However, if you find that the instrument has a few minor points that need tweaking, such as for hand position, I are happy to work with you until the flute meets your satisfaction. This service, however, must be refit into the queue and can add much additional time until completion, as I don't always have wood ready for this, or the time in my queue. You will also pay any extra shipping charges involved.

These flutes are usually robust. Problems usually happen due to mishandling. I will discuss any necessary maintenance or repairs on a case by case basis. Read your Care Instructions - you will find most of the answers about oiling etc. there. I will be posting a Care page that you can refer to. DO NOT send me your flute to have repairs done without talking to me first!

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