How to Order


Please contact me first to discuss your order.

I usually accept orders on a case by case basis. If the order is simple for a keyless flute or retrofits, I will usually accept your order and request a 25% deposit. More complex orders for low flutes, flutes involving keys etc. are acceptred on a case by case basis.

Cost for the basic flute with tuning slide and bands is $1200. Keys up to 6 keys may be added at $450 per key. If you were looking for something less expensive, you might consider my Folk Flute (see

All sales are final. However, if you find that the instrument has a few minor points that need tweaking, such as for hand position, I are happy to work with you until the flute meets your satisfaction. This service, however, must be refit into the queue and can add much additional time until completion, as I don't always have wood ready for this, or the time in my queue. You will also pay any extra shipping charges involved.

These flutes are usually robust. Problems usually happen due to mishandling. I will discuss any necessary maintenance or repairs on a case by case basis. Read your Care Instructions - you will find most of the answers about oiling etc. there. I will be posting a Care page that you can refer to. DO NOT send me your flute to have repairs done without talking to me first!

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November 28, 2022

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